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One doesn’t need to drive very much to find people committing traffic violations, just not necessarily in the sight of an officer who will give them a ticket. The familiarity and frequency of traffic violations have led many to believe that these aren’t particularly serious offenses. However, they can have serious consequences, either at the time they take place or later. Fortunately, a Kenansville, NC, traffic lawyer can help mitigate or eliminate these penalties.

Certain violations, such as drunk, distracted, or reckless driving, can have significant consequences on their own. The “smaller” offenses also carry their own set of issues that can add up over time.

Challenging traffic violation charges is important. Obviously, you do not want to submit to the penalties of the more serious violations without offering a defense. Even the lesser charges, though, can be important to defend against, as they will otherwise lead to more significant consequences later.

Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC: Your Kenansville Traffic Violation Attorneys

To give yourself a better chance of avoiding the consequences of traffic violations, you can work with Kenansville traffic lawyers like Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC. We can see that every possible measure for your defense is taken, which can help you avoid the impact of the charges.

Issues That a Kenansville Traffic Lawyer Can Help With

Traffic law generally covers anything related to roads and the operation of vehicles on those roads. This means that there is a broad range of offenses that fall into this category of the law.

The consequences and penalties in Kenansville are also particularly broad. In some cases, the offense may result in a minor fine, possibly paired with points being added to your license and impacting your insurance payments. In other cases, the violations can result in a loss of driving privileges or even significant jail or prison time.

Possible violations that a Kenansville traffic lawyer can help you with:

  • DUI/DWI – Driving under the influence of alcohol or another substance is one of the more serious violations that someone can commit. These offenses often carry the harshest penalties. In particular, repeat offenders or especially egregious violations could be punished with a lengthy prison term.
  • Hit and Run – It’s illegal to flee from the scene of an accident that you were involved in, and doing so could result in serious charges and significant consequences.
  • Reckless Driving – Reckless driving covers a broad range of actions on the road. It’s not uncommon for situations involving a serious accident related to reckless driving to result in jail time for the driver.
  • Distracted Driving – It’s important to pay attention to the road. Driving while distracted, particularly by a cell phone, is likely to result in a traffic violation.
  • Speeding – The penalties for speeding may vary, depending on how far beyond the speed limit a driver was driving.
  • Driving Without a License or on a Suspended License – Driving without a license or on a suspended license is a violation that’s taken very seriously.
  • Driving Without Proper Insurance – People depend on insurance companies to cover them in the case of an accident, so not having the required coverage is punished.

What a Duplin County Traffic Violation Attorney Does

A traffic violation attorney can help give you a better chance of averting the consequences of the traffic charges levied against you. We have a full understanding of the potential options for defending against these charges. In particular, there are ways that an officer could violate your rights or fail to follow proper procedure when:

  • Pulling you over
  • Giving you a ticket
  • Performing a chemical test for intoxication
  • Arresting you

We can help identify these issues and use them in your defense.

In most situations, our process will begin with an analysis of the situation behind your traffic violation to understand what possible defenses could be offered. We can then develop a strategy for defending you that fits with the evidence of the case.

In some cases, before there is a trial, there may be appropriate grounds for a dismissal of the case. If so, we can petition the court to do so. It also may be possible to challenge the validity and admissibility of the evidence against you, and we can petition to have it disallowed from being used in court. In some cases, that could be enough to weaken the prosecution’s case to the point where the charges are withdrawn altogether.

If the case does go to trial, we are prepared to make a defense for you and argue against the traffic charges that you face. If the evidence against you is such that a not guilty verdict isn’t possible, we can also argue for a lighter sentence based on any mitigating factors that may be present.

Why You Should Not Ignore a Traffic Violation in North Carolina

Traffic violations shouldn’t be taken lightly. The more serious violations can carry with them severe penalties. Violations like drunk driving and reckless driving put many people in jail or prison each year.

However, even “lesser” violations, such as speeding and other traffic tickets, can have a significant impact as well. Although they might seem minimal in isolation, the points that are given out on your license can add up quickly, and these can drastically raise someone’s insurance payments.

It’s important, too, that you consider challenging each violation and not just the one that will put you over the threshold for a license suspension. Sometimes, the ones that could have been successfully challenged were those that took place before that last one.

Fight Your Traffic Violation With the Help of a Kenansville Traffic Lawyer

Many people don’t realize that there are ways that a traffic violation may be successfully challenged. The system may appear to be designed in a way that makes a successful challenge seem almost impossible to attain. However, especially with the help of a Duplin County traffic violation attorney, you may have an avenue to pursue a successful challenge.

Working with the team at Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC, is a valuable way to give yourself a strong chance of avoiding the full consequences of a traffic violation. If you are ready to take every measure available to challenge the traffic violation that you’re accused of, contact us today.

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