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Being charged with a violent crime is a serious situation. These are some of the crimes that are given the harshest penalties. It’s the job of a Jacksonville, NC, violent crime lawyer to see that you’re given a fair chance to defend yourself.

The desire to see these kinds of actions punished can lead to some of the most zealous attitudes on the part of all involved. In this environment, you may feel like you’re not going to get a fair hearing. It can sometimes feel like a verdict has been decided even before the trial starts.

Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC: Your Onslow County Violent Crime Attorneys

At Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC, our duty is to:

  • See that your rights are observed and protected.
  • Ensure that juries remember that they can not convict you if there is a reasonable doubt in their minds.
  • Put forth a thorough and aggressive defense on your behalf.

When crafting your defense, you can work with an Onslow County violent crime attorney who takes pride in using every viable option available to defend their clients. Without the prosecution’s case being scrutinized and thoroughly challenged, it’s impossible to say that justice was done, no matter the outcome of the case. Our clients can have the benefit of knowing that they are being defended in every way possible.

Some Possible Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are those that involve force being used against another person. It’s important to note that the threat of force is included in this category, as well as the actual use of force. The harm that could be caused by these crimes must be physical and could be quite severe, even resulting in death. Some of the more common violent crimes include:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Theft
  • Aggravated assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Robbery
  • Arson
  • Kidnapping

What a Jacksonville Violent Crime Lawyer Does for Your Case

A criminal defense lawyer can be critical to ensuring that you get the strongest chance of avoiding the harshest penalties for a violent crime. We understand the breadth of the options available to defend against these kinds of charges. It’s our job to represent our clients and protect their rights throughout the legal process.

Protect Your Rights

It’s the protection of rights that could be one of the first things that we are involved with. Even before there is an arrest, we can help protect your rights. If you find that you’re being investigated for a crime, our team can protect you against any rights violations from the authorities. For instance, you have a right to not be subject to unlawful searches and seizures. Of course, you also have the right to remain silent and avoid self-incrimination, which we can help defend before and after a possible arrest.

Investigate and Strategize

Besides protecting your rights, we are also responsible for providing a defense for you if the case goes to court. That process often begins with an exhaustive investigation of the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the alleged violent criminal activity. We look for any evidence that might be helpful in defending you.

During and after our investigation, we begin to understand what kind of strategy may be useful in defending your case. To put together a good defense, it’s important to think like a prosecutor, which, with our background in that legal field giving us firsthand insight, is something that we have a lot of experience doing. Being able to foresee the prosecution’s strategy gives you a better opportunity to defend against it.

The exact approach for a defense that we take depends on the specifics of the case. For some violent crime cases, the right strategy may be to attack the credibility of the evidence and narrative that’s offered. For others, a key strategic point may be an alibi. In certain cases, the better option is to admit that the incident in question occurred, but it is not a criminal act because of mitigating circumstances. Self-defense, for instance, is one of these kinds of strategic options.

Pre-Trial Motions

Our process of providing a defense often begins before the trial. If there are grounds for a possible dismissal of the case, we can attempt to make that happen. If not, there are other pre-trial hearings and motions that may be useful in attacking the credibility and validity of some of the prosecution’s evidence, which could be barred from being a part of the trial.

Represent You During and After a Trial

If the case goes to trial, we are responsible for representing you and advocating for you during the entire process. Depending on the appropriate strategy for your defense, we can attack the prosecution’s case and put forth a proactive defense on your behalf. Where we can, we try to insert reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury.

However, even the strongest of cases could return the verdict we wanted to avoid. If that’s the case, though, we can continue to advocate for you and push for a lighter sentence. Even after that point, if an appeal is possible, we can help defend you in that manner as well.

Violent Crime Attorney Can Help Defend You From Violent Crime Charges

Violence against another person is a serious offense. The law treats it that way, and these charges can result in significant penalties, including substantial prison sentences in Jacksonville. Those accused of a violent crime can often feel overwhelmed by a system that feels like it’s already deemed them guilty. There’s something instinctual within humans that wants to see violence punished. That bias can make those who are charged with a violent offense feel like their fate has already been determined. It’s important, though, to not feel disheartened.

At Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC, you can find Jacksonville violent crime lawyers who don’t believe that your case is without hope. You have legally protected rights and the opportunity to be defended. The law is designed to make sure that there is near certainty before someone has to bear criminal penalties.

However, it takes a talented, skilled lawyer to ensure that those rights are protected and that you’re given every fair opportunity that you deserve. We fight to ensure that our client’s rights and opportunities for defense are observed. We also put forth the strongest defense we can manage, given the facts and evidence in a case. If you need someone to fight for you against violent crime charges, contact us today.

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