North Carolina Crime Rate By City 2024 – Latest Statistics

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The law firm of Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC explores North Carolina crime rates by city. Crime rates can change from year to year and hold differing trends depending on several factors, like socioeconomic conditions, community involvement, and population density. Crime rates are more than just statistics. They are a reflection of the intricate dynamics within our society.

Whether you are a concerned citizen, a policymaker, a law enforcement professional, or simply curious about your state, it is essential to explore the complex phenomenon of crime rates and their implications on society.

What Are Crime Rates and How Are They Determined?

Crime rates refer to statistical measures of the incidence or prevalence of criminal activity within a specific population or geographic area over a given period of time. They are typically expressed as the number of crimes per capita or per 1,000 residents within a defined time frame. Crime rates can be calculated for various types of crimes, such as violent crimes, property crimes, and specific offenses.

These rates can be influenced by a variety of factors like demographics, law enforcement practices, community resources, population, historical trends, and cultural norms. Economic inequality, substance abuse, availability of firearms, globalization, social disorganization, and more are all contributing factors that impact crime rates locally.

Understanding the intricacies of crime rates requires a holistic approach that considers the interplay of various factors and their effects on individual behavior, community dynamics, and societal norms. By examining these complexities, we can develop more effective strategies for crime prevention, intervention, and response, all working towards a safer and more resilient community.

North Carolina Cities Crime Rates

The top 5 North Carolina cities with low crime rates are as follows:

  • Pinehurst: 2023 Violent Crime Rate of 0.6, and Property Crime Rate of 6.2 with a population of 18,426 residents.
  • Whispering Pines: 2023 Violent Crime Rate of N/A, and Property Crime Rate of N/A with a population of 5,235 residents.
  • Davidson: 2023 Violent Crime Rate of 0.7, and Property Crime Rate of 6.0 with a population of 15,189.
  • Waxhaw: 2023 Violent Crime Rate of 0.8, and Property Crime Rate of 7.6 with a population of 22,613 residents.
  • Elon: 2023 Violent Crime Rate of 0.7, and Property Crime Rate of 4.2 with a population of 11,369.

The top 5 North Carolina cities with high crime rates are as follows:

  • Lumberton: 2021 Violent Crime Rate of 20.18, and Property Crime Rate of 122.21 with a population of 19,025.
  • Albemarle: Violent Crime Rate of 5.85 and Property Crime Rate of 35.43 with a population of 16,628.
  •  Reidsville: The Overall Crime Rate is 56.71, and the Property Crime Rate makes up 47.25 of that number, with a population of 14,125.
  • Rockingham: Overall Crime Rate of 5,556 with a population of 9,031.
  • Gastonia: Overall Crime Rate of 48.49 with a population of around 81,000.

Preventing Crimes in North Carolina

It may seem like a lost cause to implement large strategies of crime prevention efforts in the state, but it can be effective and requires a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes of criminal behavior while also implementing strategies to intervene, deter, and rehabilitate offenders. Below are key ways to prevent crimes at large:

  • Community engagement and empowerment
  • Education and awareness
  • Early intervention and youth programming
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Targeted policing and enforcement
  • Substance abuse and prevention treatment
  • Rehabilitation and reentry programs

The list above is not exhaustive, and there are countless creative prevention strategies to uplift communities and prevent crimes. By implementing strategies that make sense for each unique community, North Carolina can work towards creating safer communities, reducing crime rates, and improving the overall well-being of its residents.


Q: What City in North Carolina Has the Lowest Crime Rate?

A: The city in North Carolina that has the lowest crime rate is thought to be Pinehurst with a violent crime rate of 0.6 in 2023. There are several types of crimes that can impact the crime rate, the most common being violent, property, drug, white-collar, and cybercrimes. By addressing these crimes with coordinated efforts from law enforcement, government officials, and community organizations, serious crime prevention is possible.

Q: What Is the Crime Rate in North Carolina?

A: The crime rate in North Carolina is 4.7, and it is reported that this has risen by .4% within a year. There has been a 22% decline in North Carolina residents reporting feeling safe in their state in a year. There are high levels of violent crime and property crime within the state, which adds to residents’ feeling of unsafety.

Q: How Do I Check the Crime Rate in My Area?

A: You can check the crime rate in your area through various trusted sources. This includes law enforcement websites, the Uniform Crime Reporting Program run by the FBI, state and local government websites, crime mapping websites, community safety reports, and local news outlets. It is essential to ensure your source is a trusted and known entity that uses solid evidence.

Q: What Is the Most Common Crime in Urban Areas?

A: The most common crimes in urban areas tend to be property crimes such as theft, burglary, and vandalism. Violent crimes are also common in urban areas, and this can include robbery, assault, homicide, and sexual assault. Common crimes can shift based on factors like population density, the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts, socioeconomic conditions, and community dynamics.

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