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Getting charged with a drug crime can be a frightening, intimidating experience. Being tough on drugs is rarely a losing political issue, and that’s created a lot of aggressive energy around prosecuting drug crimes. However, a Kenansville, NC, drug crime lawyer can mount a strong defense against these charges.

It can sometimes feel like everything’s working against you, given the resources that have been devoted to addressing criminal activity related to drugs. Despite the way things may look, though, there is hope for those wanting to challenge the charges against them.

Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC: Your Kenansville Drug Crime Attorneys

Regardless of the accusations, it’s important that justice be done in these situations. That means that the accused must have their rights respected and be given the full opportunity to defend themselves, as the law requires. If you’re facing drug crime charges, you owe it to yourself to put forth the most robust defense that you can.

That process starts with working with a Kenansville drug crime lawyer from Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC. We fight to ensure that our clients’ rights are observed and that a formidable defense is made on their behalf.

Common Drug Offenses in North Carolina

Drug crime is a term that covers a broad set of offenses, but they are united by the fact that they deal with controlled substances. Because the laws governing these crimes are so broad, the corresponding penalties are also quite broad.

In some cases, such as possession of a small amount of a more minor substance, the penalties may be lighter and not even include jail time. However, more serious charges, such as manufacturing a controlled substance or repeat offenses, can result in significant penalties, including the possibility of decades in prison.

Some of the more common drug offenses in Kenansville include:

  • Manufacturing or Cultivating a Controlled Substance – The production of controlled substances for illegal use is among the most seriously charged drug crimes. A conviction for this offense can result in some of the harshest penalties available.
  • Drug Trafficking – Whenever large quantities of drugs are being transported, sold, and distributed, it could result in drug trafficking charges, which often lead to significant prison sentences.
  • Possession With Intent to Distribute – Although addressing smaller quantities of a controlled substance than drug trafficking charges, any activity involving the distribution of drugs is taken very seriously.
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance – There is a wide range of possible penalties for possession of a narcotic, illegal substance, or prescription medication without a prescription. These are based on the type of substance and the amount of it that is in a person’s possession.

There is also a set of drug crimes that don’t necessarily involve any direct possession of a controlled substance, but they are still tangentially related to drugs and the drug trade. Some of these charges include:

  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Even without the drug’s direct involvement, the manufacture, distribution, or possession of items involved in the use of drugs may be illegal.
  • Maintaining a Dwelling or Vehicle for Drug Use or Distribution – If a house or vehicle can be shown to have been knowingly used in the drug trade, it could result in criminal charges against the owner.
  • Possession of Drug Precursors – Even without having produced any controlled substances, it’s possible to be charged for having in one’s possession the necessary precursors to produce a controlled substance.
  • Drug Conspiracy – An agreement to commit a drug-related offense may be a crime, even if the offense is never actually committed.

What a Kenansville Drug Crime Lawyer Does

A drug crime lawyer performs a number of different tasks to protect your rights and defend you throughout the legal process in Kenansville.

Defends Your Rights

In particular, defending your rights is one of the primary things that your lawyer can do early on. Even if you are just being investigated, they may be able to help you avoid being subject to unlawful searches and seizures. If you are arrested, we can defend your right to remain silent and not self-incriminate.

Investigates Your Case

Another major component of what we do is investigate your case and look for evidence that may be helpful in your defense and in discrediting the prosecution’s case.

Part of preparing your defense involves thinking like a prosecutor to understand how they will argue the case. This is something that we at Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC, are particularly comfortable with as former prosecutors ourselves. The burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. However, we can try to identify any weak points that may be useful in creating doubt in the minds of the jurors.

Defends You in Court

We can defend you and your rights throughout the legal process. If there are valid pre-trial motions that could be made to keep certain pieces of evidence from being involved in the trial, then we can make those motions. There may even be grounds for dismissal of the case as well. However, if the case does go to trial, we can be ready to challenge the prosecution’s narrative and put forth a formidable defense on your behalf.

Get the Drug Crime Defense That You Need With the Help of a Kenansville Drug Crime Lawyer

Every year, it seems that drugs become a bigger and bigger issue for society. As a result, being tough on drug crimes is usually a winning issue for politicians. This means tougher penalties, stricter enforcement, more resources, and more public sentiment for crackdowns on drugs. It also means that getting charged with a drug crime can seem like a lost situation. It can feel like there’s no way for you to get a fair chance to have your case heard. However, there’s no reason to lose all hope.

No matter what public sentiment is, the justice process must still be properly followed. In that process, you have rights and opportunities for defense that must be respected. One of the most critical keys to ensuring that you can use every opportunity to defend yourself is working with a Duplin County drug offenses attorney.

At Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC, we understand the intricacies of criminal law from both sides, having previously worked as prosecutors. We can put that plethora of experiential knowledge to work when defending you from drug crime charges. Contact us today for help with any drug crime charges that you’re facing.

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