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Julia Escudero


Clinton Office – Legal Assistant, Notary Public

Julia L. Escudero was born in Bronx, New York and raised both there and in Maryland. She joined the firm on May 2021, in which she began in the legal field as a legal assistant in traffic and criminal matters. Julia is the youngest out of four; she has 2 brothers and one sister. She was raised in a Spanish speaking home leading her to be fluent in Spanish.

She carries 7 years of customer service experience in which a few of those years were in management. Julia is always bubbly and happy to help you with anything; always going above and beyond to help anyone. She is always eager to learn new things and is always patient.

Julia leads a big household as she is a mother of four beautiful children: Ayden, Julius, Thadius Jr., and Alayna. When life isn’t hectic she enjoys being home with her children and their pet cats.