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Sometimes you are just interested in knowing if a piece of property is encumbered by outstanding liens or judgments.  Sometimes you have inherited property and you just need to know what you are getting.  Whatever the situation is, in most situations, we can complete a title search in as little as two days.  For less than pennies on the dollar, we can tell you if a piece of property is ladened with claims or is free and clear of any potential creditors or claimants.  You let us know the address and we will do the rest!

​Title Searches

So you found the home of your dreams at a price you cannot walk away from - the essence of a short sale.  Unfortunately, these transactions are extremely complicated and finding an attorney willing to handle this sort of situation is nearly impossible.  Well, if you found us, you found a firm that is willing to negotiate a short sale on your behalf.  We work closely with realtors and lenders in our regular real estate practice and we have added short sales to our repertoire.  

If you are a real estate agent looking for an attorney to handle a short sale, or a buyer seeking to pick up on a great deal, we are here for you.  As stated above, we have staff members that are dedicated to facilitating pain free (or as close to possible in a short sale) transactions!  Please give us a call and keep your money in our local economy.

​Short Sales

This is an exciting time in your life whether this is your first home buying experience or one of many purchases.  The last thing you need is to have your elated anticipation diminished by a closing falling through the cracks.  At Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC, we work to ensure your closing happens quickly and efficiently.  

Even if you have already selected another firm to close your real estate transaction, we will be happy to take over.  In many situations, other firms may be unable to close your real estate transaction within the timeframe of your contract.  That is where we are happy to step in.  In most situations, we are able to complete a title search, get title insurance, close the transaction, disburse funds, AND record the transaction within 48 hours of receiving the closing package.  Of course, these are just words if this is your first home transaction and are unfamiliar with the trepidatious nature of a home closing. The point is, we can act quickly to make sure you get your house on time.  If another firm needs to reschedule your closing, call us!  We have staff members that are dedicated to emergency closings and we will do everything to get the job done.

​Real Estate Closings