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We accept cash, check, cashier's check, bank orders, money orders, and all major credit cards.  Cash is processed the same day, checks will require 10 days after clearing our trust account, and credit cards require an additional fee of 3.25%.  We accept payment in person, over the phone, and online.  

If you are on a payment plan, you are welcome to make frequent small payments or larger payments so long as your monthly obligation is met.  If you pay above and beyond your monthly obligation, we will credit the additional payment toward your future bills.

All paid consultations will be applied to your final bill should you decide to allow us to represent you.  For example, if you pay a consultation fee of $250.00, we will apply that fee toward any flat rate or hourly rate quoted.  In other words, if you pay for a consultation, you can consider that a down payment on your representation.  As a side note, most of our consultations are free of charge.

​Payment Methods

We offer a variety of payment plans that can be customized to your situation.  Depending on the situation, we offer flat rate services and hourly options as well.  We will forecast the amount of time a particular situation will require and customize the service to fit within your financial abilities.  In many situations we offer low monthly payment plans as well as a "pay as we go" system.  

Flat Rates

We have the experience to accurately assess the amount of time a particular case will require to resolve.  In these situations, we will bill a flat rate and divide the rate by the expected monthly duration of your case.  For example, if we expect that your case will require an attorney fee of $2000.00, and we expect that the case will take approximately ten months, your monthly payment will be $200.00.  

Pay as We Go

There are times when your situation might not need to be resolved immediately.  In these situations, we can set up a plan whereby you pre-purchase hours dedicated to your situation.  We will assess your situation, break your situation up into particular legal tasks, and bill accordingly.  When you are able to raise the funds to accomplish a particular task, we will complete that task.  By this method, a slow and steady payment plan will ensure competent representation at an affordable and attainable hourly rate.

Help is needed now but money is scarce

Sometimes, when the cards are stacked against you, your best option is to take a loan to cover your legal necessities.  If you find yourself in a situation where there is no time for prolonged payment arrangements, and you are facing serious legal woes, we can point you to a number of financial institutions that might be able to help.  For example, there are a number of online lenders, as well as local banks, that will be willing to extend credit to those in need of a quick relief.  Perhaps you will need to borrow against the equity in your home or car.  Maybe you will have to take a personal loan or a business loan.  No matter the situation, we will work with your lender (maintaining confidentiality about your situation) to help accommodate your needs.

Third Party Resources

It is not uncommon to seek the financial assistance of family and friends when trying to stay afloat in the turmoil of a legal storm.  Should you seek the assistance of a loved one or a friend, you can be assured your privacy and confidentiality will be maintained.  We will be happy to accommodate your situation by sending invoices to those financing your representation without the potentially embarrassing details of your situation.  Of course, we will always provide you with a detailed invoice of your matter.  

When all else fails

Should you find yourself in a position where there does not seem to be a financial answer, speak with us directly.  We may be able to structure a payment plan that will not interrupt our service.  If that is not an option, we will ensure that your file is maintained and ready for pick up or further work.  We want you as a client and we will try to accommodate any financial hardship.  

Payment Plans

We understand that if you have come to us, you are facing an important and traumatic situation that could have lifelong implications.  We also compassionately understand that you may have a variety of financial constraints that appear to make competent legal advocacy an impossibility. However, we can help you secure a plan that will fit within your budget while maintaining the premier legal representation you deserve.

Financing Your Legal Endeavors